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More about Thai Massage

By Lorie Pearsall, LMT


Thai Massage is a traditional healing art that is thousands of years old, yet still applicable for today. It originates from Thailand but being in the crossroads of all of Asia, Thai massage includes influences from China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Thai massage is one of the many energetically based healing arts. It uses the chakra system and usually focuses on the secondary chakras located at joints of the body. Working these chakras helps balance the flow of energy. Some of the benefits of Thai massage are relaxation, decrease of pain and edema, increased range of motion, and an enhancement of the mind/body connection. Thai massage is a form of passive exercise that can be part of a health maintenance program. It is sometimes referred to as Yoga massage. The contraindications for Thai are the same as for Swedish massage. When moving the client’s body the practitioner always respects the limits of the individual. The range of motion goes to a comfortable level or tolerance of the body being worked on.

Thai massage is considered the practical expression of Loving Kindness. A session starts with Puja, during which the practitioner honors the work space that massage takes place in, and also acknowledges the sacredness of the individual person they are working on. The primary outcome of Thai is balance. There are four unlimited states of mind that are the objective of a session. They are:

                Love – unconditional love generates all healing energies

               Compassion – compassion is the practical expression of loving kindness

               Joy – joy is a symptom of this unconditional love

               Equanimity – the balance of body and mind

Though Thai massage is one of the oriental health art forms, the western mind can also see and feel the results of the passive stretching and range of motion. As with many of the energy practices one does not have to believe in the practice to obtain positive results.

Thai massage is an ancient health practice that helps to balance body and mind. It can increase range of motion, decrease pain levels and be a part of your health maintenance program. To receive Thai massage, contact a licensed massage therapist and check if they have taken training in this helpful art.


This information was taken from the Ultimate Thai Massage Video: Basic Table Techniques by Dr. Anthony James, founder of the SomaVeda Institute, home of the International Thai Therapists Association. 

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