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“Touch was never meant to be a luxury. It is a basic human need. It is an action that validates life and gives hope to both the receiver and the giver. The healing of touch is reciprocal” – Irene Smith (taken from The Society for Oncology Massage web site)
In July of 2014, I attended a 24 hour class sponsored by the Crouse Hospital Institute for Integrative Medicine. It was titled “Massage for those living with Cancer”, and instructed by Jean Van Etter, BA, MBA, and LMT. Jean is an instructor from the Oncology Massage Education Association and has been staff LMT for the Pluta Cancer Center in Rochester, NY since 2003.
Taking this oncology massage course has enabled me to serve my clients with increased awareness and tools to support them no matter what their medical history. When you come for a massage the first thing we will do is review your health history. This is a complete history including any cancer treatment you have received. From this history we will develop a treatment plan, taking into consideration medical history, energy level, and any treatment that could compromise the circulatory, skeletal, or the lymph system. Lymph edema is a serious condition that can occur soon after treatment or years later. It is important that your massage therapist is aware of lymph protocol to address this concern. Each massage is adapted to the individuals’ needs, to support the body, mind, and spirit. The type of session an individual experiences may change as their energy level and healing progress.
This course allows me to provide therapeutic massage for more people located in the heart of Madison County. Whether your cancer treatment was 2 weeks ago, 2 years or 20 years ago, your massage will be geared to what will assist you to feel revitalized. – Lorie Pearsall, LMT 

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