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NUTRITION by Lorie Pearsall


There are many different “healthy diets” for people to choose from.  There are also many accounts of people renewing their health, literally from the brink of death, by changing their diet.

            One such diet is the Macrobiotic Diet. It is mostly whole grain rice and assorted vegetables, many of which originate in Japan where this diet was created.  There have been some individuals that have improved their health and beat Cancer by using this diet.

            Another diet is the Paleo diet.  This diet removes ALL grains, focus is on grass fed animal protein and organic vegetables.  A variation of this diet is the Wahls Protocol diet.  Dr. Terry Wahls is a physician who had multiple sclerosis to the point that she was in a tilt wheel chair.  Because conventional treatments were failing her, she started studying research on autoimmune disease and brain biology.  Nutrition along with functional medicine turned her around.  She now rides her bicycle to work and continues with research.  If you would like to know more about her check out her website at The Wahls foundation.

             The Mediterranean Diet is another healthy alternative.  This diet consists of a variety of foods, focusing again on whole foods from scratch, healthy fats, and vegetables.  You can look any of these diets up on the internet for more in depth information.

            Why so many different healthy diets?  I believe it is because we are all individuals.  We may all be humans, but we each have a slightly different genetic background and blood chemistry that make our needs slightly different.  So, what is the common denominator in each of these diets?  A variety of fruits and vegetables!  Our Standard American Diet (SAD) is VERY lacking in lots of healthy vegetables.  I tried for a couple of years to follow the recommended 9-13 servings of veges and fruits each day for optimal health.  Tried is the key word here.  I usually get 4-5 servings a day.

            That is where Juice Plus comes into the picture.  Juice Plus is made from 32 different vine ripened vegetables and fruits.  The whole food is ground and then dried at a low temperature to keep the live enzymes and put in capsule form.  This form of nutrition has all the phytonutrients intact, not just isolated man-made vitamins.  These nutrients are in a form that is bioavailable so your body can put them to effective use.  There are over 35 clinical studies done at several major hospitals and universities, showing that the Juice Plus product has a strong impact factor to the benefit of our human bodies.  To learn more about these here is a link. https://loriepearsall.juiceplus.com/us/en/clinical-research/clinical-research-new#

 Juice Plus has also come out with an Omega product that uses the algae source that the fish eat along with other plant seeds containing 5 different omega fatty acids (Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9). They are cold processed to prevent nutrient degradation and use a vegetarian capsule.  My husband and I have been taking Juice Plus since February of 2017 and we are so pleased with the results that I am now a Juice Plus Representative.

 So, to review, there are several healthy diets, find the one that resonates with you.

 The one thing these diets have in common is lots of vegetables and fruits. 

Juice Plus is a convenient and inexpensive way to increase your consumption of organic healthy produce that has scientific clinical studies to show its benefits. If you are interested in learning more about Juice Plus just give me a call at 315-391-1228 or go to my website and browse around for more information. https://loriepearsall.juiceplus.com/us/en

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