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Reiki (ray-kay) means universal spirit – life energy. It is an eastern healing
technique developed by Dr Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. A Reiki practitioner has received
instruction and special attunements from a Reiki Master which enables them to tap into
this unlimited universal energy source and channel it to others. It can bring a person into
a peaceful state and facilitate the body’s own natural healing abilities.

It is my opinion that many different cultures and religions acknowledge this same
energy source but call it by different names. The example I identify with is The Holy
Spirit. For those who are uncomfortable with the spiritual, even modern science
acknowledges that all mass is made up of energy moving at different velocities or
vibrations to create different masses, including the human body. You do not have to
believe in this life energy force for it to help you.

Reiki is performed on a clothed person. The practitioner lays their hands in different
positions, usually staring at the head and working down to the feet. Reiki can also be
done with the hands above the body if needed for medical or personal reasons. It can
never cause any harm to the person being treated or the practitioner. It comes from the
Highest source and acts for the Highest good.

Reiki is a good complimentary tool to Western Medicine. It can:
Promote the body’s natural healing ability.
Help alleviate pain and stress by bringing about relaxation and tranquility.
Create an inner awareness and balance.
Reiki is a healing tool that when used benefits all life.

Lorie K Pearsall
Reiki Practitioner
By appointment only

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