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Trinity Wellness Center, Morrisville, New York


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Looking for a great massage in Hamilton/Morrisville area? Don't hesitate to give Trinity Wellness Center a try. I recently moved to the area and my back was tweaked -- I needed a good massage. Luckily, Lorie Pearsall was able to get me in fairly quickly. She gave me one of the best deep tissue massages I've had and it was a full 60 minute massage. As an added plus, her beautiful space has a new very peaceful and private outdoor massage area. Needless to say, I had a very relaxing massage and, with Lorie's nice personality and ability the whole experience is wonderful.
So without hesitation, I recommend Trinity Wellness Center and Lorie!

Kelly Dempsey

So thankful I have Lorie and her beautiful wellness center in my life! I have been a regular client  for a couple of years and always look forward to my next visit! I just started taking her Tai Chi Easy class and found it to be a very heart opening experience! Thank you for being part of my journey toward a healthier and happier lifestyle!


Feeling safe and being able to speak up for my needs are very important when I pick a long term therapist and Lori meets those needs for me. I appreciate her experience in nursing the sick and I see it come to her practice. I relax deeply in my session. I highly recommend her to many people. Her session room is grand; it's like being at a 5 star salon. I wish her all the clients and success she desires. GO LOR !!!!!


I love the fact that Lorie herself is relaxed and flexible!  She will do your very own custom massage-to-order and welcomes customer comments while doing so. More pressure? Less? Stretching? More time on certain areas? Lovely facility, comfortable table. I wish I could see her everyday!


Lori is an excellent massage therapist.  She is very intuitive and senses what your body needs at each of the sessions.  She has extensive knowledge in different techniques and incorporates the type of massage your body needs for that session. You always come out feeling revived and whole.


Lori - we both know you are the best!  


I have known Lorie for a long time and this is what she was meant to do. Very relaxing and puts you in a better frame of mind. Plus your whole body feels renewed.
Thanks Lorie.


Lorie has many years of experience in home healthcare and is now one of the best licensed massage therapists I have ever experienced.  Not only does she use several different methods of massage but she is extremely aware of personal needs and special therapies for each individual.  Can't wait for my next massage!


Lorie has a very nice way of making people feel comfortable.  Her massages are the best!

Kelly Golley

I have seen many massage therapists over the years, but Lorie has been the most skilled with a very broad range of techniques. She is able to respond to the various needs that I have at every session. I always feel at ease and very comfortable with her. The space she provides is serene and comfortable. I highly recommend her to any of you reading this and have already made many recommendations to friends.


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